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The author of The Maze Runner getting excited about Dylan being cast!


The author of The Maze Runner getting excited about Dylan being cast!

Does anyone else use their queue even when they’re online just so they won’t spam people to death?

Waiting for car repairs is so fucking stressful. The mall sucks.

I just found out I have 5x more followers than my little sister and I’m ridiculously proud of that.

Wow so I coworker and I were, like, insane tonight.

I think she was just overtired but she got me all hyper and we were running around freaking out and making my manager laugh.

Good times, yo.

A bunch of people recommended I read The Maze Runner for my trip, so I downloaded it for my phone.

Not gonna finish it.




 #of course it is #Like in that time Sherlock was ripping John’s clothes off #or that time Moriarty give his phone number to Sherlock #Or that time Sherlock and Lestrade stared into each others eyes andLestrade confirmed that he needed him #Or that time Mycroft kidnapped John and talked smoothly to him in an empty warehouse #Or that time when Sherlock asked Moriarty to meet him in the Pool #midnight #alone and flirting #Or even that time when Sherlock did not get jealous of Sarah and cockblocked his flatmate #all those times #so heterossexual

#Or that time that Moriarty and Sherlock both knew which underwear was the GAY BRAND #Or that time that they went out for a not-date at a not-romantic Italian restaurant #Or that time Sherlock totally denied it whenever someone said he and John were lovers #Or that time John licked his lips and checked Sherlock out #Also his ass #He never checks out Sherlock’s ass #Or that time Sherlock and John shared credit cards while John did the shopping because they’re just two totally not married guys who do things like that #Or that time they had a domestic #Hoo hoo #Or that time when John totally wasn’t ‘feeding Sherlock up’#Or that time Sherlock’s face was the saddest thing in the world when he thought his lov- John was Moriarty and he couldn’t stand being betrayed by the only person he ever wanted to slee- live with #Or that time Sherlock was batman on the roof and John totally wasn’t staring up at him in unabashed adoration #Or that time Lestrade asked Sherlock to come #All of those #So heterosexual